TechJam — A melting pot of knowledge

by Shweta Nivargi, Associate Technical Lead at IDeaS Revenue Solutions

“Technology has never moved faster, and it will never move this slow again.”
-Jenifer Morgan

In this age of technology, things change at a rapid pace. As we try and adopt a particular technology, another one emerges that brings new possibilities and perspectives with it. As this dynamic change is becoming ubiquitous, it’s necessary to stay relevant to the surroundings and sail through successfully.

In the emerging era of machine learning, artificial intelligence and internet of things, it is even predicted that most of our current work will be automatic in the future.

ut can we be always on our toes to keep ourselves updated about new technologies? Can we ensure that we are making ourselves future ready? Can we make sure that we do not miss out something today which will become disruptive tomorrow? Keeping ourselves relevant and embracing the changing world of technology is the need of the hour. While meeting our work commitments tangles us, its events like TechJam that introduce us to things that are creating a buzz in the field of technology. TechJam is a non-profit initiative by IDeaS Revenue Solutions (a SAS company) to build a community of techies, who are interested in learning and exploring new technologies. TechJam gives people from different background an opportunity to hear and interact with industry experts and pioneers.

To think differently, we need to come out of our zone and broaden our perspectives. Meeting and socializing with people from the field of technology impacts the way we think. It introduces us to trends and technologies surpassing the scope of our work. TechJam is one such platform that encourages professionals and enthusiastic students to come together, connect and share their experiences and knowledge.

IDeaS a SAS company believes TechJam events have benefited many people from the tech community in Pune. The company organizes all the Jam sessions and encourages people from the tech community in and around Pune to be a part of the events. There have been 30+ successful sessions so far, and TechJam is fortunate to have witnessed a plethora of influential thought-leaders as its speakers.

In every TechJam, there are some takeaways for the audience. The recent talk on Startup Ecosystem and Architecture by Harshad Oak, an entrepreneur and Oracle Ace Director, introduced us to many facts and stats about startup companies. He also gave more insights into the complex world of startups by answering questions raised by start-up enthusiasts in the audience. His personalised content gave a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities that startups experience.

In an earlier TechJam event, the know-how of Blockchain technology was explained so well by the speaker Navin Kabra, that all of us who attended got a good understanding of the technology. Also, the challenges in building a search engine for an e-commerce website were discussed in detail by none other than Mayur Datar, the Chief Data Scientist at Flipkart. It was interesting to know how the Cricinfo site came into existence by its co-founder Neeran Karnik.

TechJam also believes that people who have worked on personal innovative projects should get a platform to demonstrate their work. In many TechJam events, we showcase such kind of work and give the innovators an opportunity to connect with more people from the industry.

he USP of TechJam events is the interactive nature of the sessions. A considerable amount of time in each session is spent on answering the audience questions by the speakers. All the speakers so far have been so humble that they have willingly spent time after the event in discussions, giving suggestions and answering many questions personally. Their gesture gives positive energy to the audience.

Being part of IDeaS, we always get opportunities to upskill and learn things about the latest developments in the field of technology. Techjam is an example of the initiatives taken by IDeaS as it is an excellent platform for knowledge sharing. For me, being a part of the TechJam committee makes it even more special as it’s not just about organizing and managing the events, it’s also about the experience. Some of the takeaways for me from these events include the inspiration from the speakers and the enthusiasm of the audience. Thanks to Techjam curious techies like me get an opportunity to break the ice with various industry leaders and experts.

Here’s a small introduction to TechJam.

About the author: Shweta Nivargi is the Associate Technical Lead at IDeaS Revenue Solutions. You can find more about her here.

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